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Why an unhealthy gut is an unhealthy body

Healing begins in the gut.

Without optimal gut health, the journey to complete health is almost impossible. Your gut is the foundation of your need it to be strong for the rest of your body to function as it should.

There are several types of gut issues that can be present when dealing with digestive troubles.

When your gut lining is damaged, also referred to as intestinal permeability or "leaky gut", your small intestine (gut) can't do its job of keeping the outside world (toxins, food proteins, environmental stressors) out, + the inside world (immune system, proper bacterial balance) in. This causes an array of digestive difficulties, as what was supposed to have tight control over what does + doesn't get absorbed into the bloodstream, now can't regulate foreign organisms penetrating the gut wall because it is damaged with "leaks" or "holes". Think of a mesh cloth...when intact, the cloth can specifically control what passes through + the size of those particles that are passing. When holes are punched through the cloth, larger particles can make it through, particles that were never initially intended to be allowed through - therefore, causing damage, inflammation, brain fog + a host of other symptoms.

Another cause of digestive difficulty is an imbalanced gut microbiome. Your intestines are like a flourishing garden. There is bacteria, yeast, fungi + a whole world of microorganisms present to protect you + help you thrive. Keeping these balanced and thriving is the key to health in every sense.

Working with a practitioner to ensure you're gut microbiome is perfectly balanced is essential for health.


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