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Are Cravings Actually a Good Thing?

c r a v i n g s

Cravings are your body’s way of telling you it’s missing something. It’s a flag your body is waving around trying to get your attention!

Let’s stop the war mentality of “kick the cravings” “banish cravings” or “kill your cravings”

1. H o n o u r t h e m !

Give your body what it needs


• You may not have adequately fed your body throughout the day

• Provide sugar in nutrient dense versions that won’t have your body starving for more

- Go to: Raw honey, dates, maple syrup, dark chocolate, bananas, or any sweet fruits!


• Salt aids in hydration through electrolytes, creates stomach acid, regulates blood pressure, balances water within your cells + blood stream + is needed for heart, kidney, adrenal + liver function

- Go to: high quality sea salt, celtic salt, Himalayan pink salt


• Can indicate: Zinc, B12, iron or amino acid deficiency

- Go to: Quality protein - grass fed meats, organ meat, farm fresh eggs, grass fed dairy, Buffalo or dairy kefir


• Bread has been around for thousands of years...don't start shaming it now!

- Go to: fermented bread, sourdough, whole grain, homemade, minimally processed (tip - be able to recognize + pronounce all the ingredients)


• Women tend to crave chocolate prior to their menstrual cycle...why?

• Women burn through + require higher magnesium levels during their cycle ... guess what contains magnesium

• also ... it’s delicious + deserves its own food group

- Go to: fair trade organic real dark chocolate

2. H e a l y o u r g u t

If your gut is damaged, your capacity to absorb nutrients is severely impaired

This is where I come in - message me if you have any questions, or you think your gut may need some love 🤍

Symptoms to look for

- bloating

- constipation

- diarrhea

- heartburn

- undigested food in stools

- cravings

ps - thanks for sticking with me to the end, I appreciate you.


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