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So nice to see you here. Let’s get to know each other! I’m Mikayla.

I’m a nutritionist who believes in real food, ancestral principles, and getting to the root cause of any ailment. I know exactly what it's like to feel hopeless about your health, or not understand your own body.


Healing and finding true, lasting health shouldn't be approached with a restrictive mindset or an 'all or nothing' attitude.

It should be something built with patience from the ground up, piece by piece. My goal is to help YOU lay the groundwork for your health and empower you to feel like you can do it all.

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Groundwork was born out of a desire to extend the holistic knowledge I've been cultivating with those who need it most. I teach people to get back to the basics through ancestral eating and appreciation for their bodies. I believe in giving you the tools you need so that your body can do the work for you.

Driven by my determination to cure my own ailments, I empower you to create sustainable lifestyle changes that will significantly improve your health for years to come. Without your health, you have nothing, and I've made it my lot in life to extend this knowledge to others and teach you how to achieve a sustainable place of health and well-being through the implementation of basic ancestral eating habits.

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After years of searching, I finally found the first step toward healing once I fully dove into the world of holistic health and wellness.

I spent 3 years bouncing from every type of doctor, specialist, and practitioner you can imagine before discovering I had a persistent jaw infection that slowly deteriorated every part of my health. I connected with practitioners who, for the first time in 3 years, listened to my every word, every struggle and understood the place I was coming from and how desperate I was to find myself and my health again. Once the pieces of the puzzle were connected, I discovered my jaw infection was a result of a severe case of mono followed by a poorly performed wisdom tooth extraction.


Much to my surprise at the time, I came to realize how incredibly interconnected the human body was. How could an infection in my jaw cause 14 months of amenorrhea (missing menses) or severe hair loss? Seeing the incredibly intricate parts of the body work together was the aha moment I needed to fully appreciate and understand what I needed to do to heal. This is now what I love to do with my clients: deep, full body healing. We look at every aspect of your health and rebuild the foundations from the ground up, together.

The sheer simplicity of this approach allows for an end result that is so incredibly sustainable.

Void of the expensive supplements and restrictive rules, my approach focuses on simple steps towards true, lasting health that you've worked so hard for.


My family farm was featured in a Lay's commercial in 2011. Watch it here



I grew up on a potato farm that grows for Lays potato chips. I LOVED growing up on a farm!

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It’s time to lay the groundwork piece by piece.

Let’s do this together! Book a free call and let's chat about where we could take this.

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