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A free masterclass to help you find clarity in your health, quiet the noise and find true, lasting results


After the next hour you will walk away with clarity about...

Bonus: Q&A

Join me at the end of the masterclass for a 15 minute Q&A. Learn how to apply these principles and lessons into your everyday life. Remember: if you're thinking it, someone else is too! This is an opportunity to learn from one another and connect through community.

This is for you if...

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You don’t feel like YOU and you desperately wonder where your ‘old self’ went.

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You feel frustrated and fed up with your health

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You feel overwhelmed by the saturated health and wellness world

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You want to heal, but you’re unsure what the first step is 

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You feel helpless and confused

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Frustrating symptoms like digestive pain, acne, fatigue or brain fog are keeping you down

Hosted by Mikayla Murphy, CNP

Hi! I'm so excited to see you here, and can't wait to connect with you over the next hour during this free, honest, real and raw masterclass. With 3 years of experience leading over 200 incredible clients from frustrated to flourishing within their health, I want to give you the map to lay the groundwork within your own health - for free. Join me below and let's make 2023 the year of clarity - together.

I can't wait to help you find clarity!
Join below for free!

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