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Healing begins in the gut. Without optimal gut health, the journey to complete health is almost impossible. Your gut is the foundation of your need it to be strong for the rest of your body to function as it should. 

Gut health is square one. It can be the root cause of SO many of the symptoms you're experiencing. In our day + age, it's not a matter of 'is your gut damaged', but one of 'how damaged is it'. Now, this may sound scary, but the solution is so much simpler than you may think. My favourite thought is if you give your body the tools it needs, it knows exactly how to heal. That's my job - to give you the tools you need to help you feel your absolute best.

  • bloated + uncomfortable after meals

  • avoiding restaurants + eating out for fear of bloating, pain + gas

  • experiencing brain fog throughout the day 

  • tired of dealing with acne + other skin irregularities 

  • feeling guilty when you're out with friends because you feel like the 'picky one' because so many foods hurt your stomach

  • in pain after meals - making food undesirable 

  • losing your love for the kitchen because you don't know what to make that won't cause symptoms 

  • tired of playing the guessing game with your health 

  • trying every quick-fix or tip you can find 

  • embarrassed of the constipation + diarrhea you're dealing with/feel like you're being held back from enjoying life

  • stress + anxious about your health + food 

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  • detailed intake forms + health history

  • 1 hr initial consult where we go over your entire health history, go over your main concerns in detail + build an impactful protocol 

  • personalized protocol with diet, lifestyle + supplements changes to better your health

  • a personalized menu plan tailored to YOU

  • safe supplement recommendations based off of your needs + budget

  • 3 x 30 minute follow up consultations 

  • a NEW custom meal plan every two weeks filled with delicious, healthy recipes 

  • a NEW wellness protocol with diet, lifestyle + supplement recommendations every month 

  • bi-weekly check ins to monitor progress 

  • complete access to myself to answer questions, address concerns + monitor progress during our time working together 

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