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'Getting healthy' is one of the most over-complicated issues we face.

We wonder why we feel so lost and confused as to which step to take next to feel better when every day we're bombarded with the latest and greatest diet and trend to follow. Yet, as we've learned, none of these lead to true, sustainable health.

Does this sound like you?

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You don’t feel like YOU and you desperately wonder where your ‘old self’ went.

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You have the feelings of worthlessness and anger that acne brings with it.

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You feel overwhelmed by the saturated health and wellness world.

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You feel the frustration of fatigue and depression.

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You feel helpless and confused.

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You are experiencing pain of digestive issues.

Together we will address the root cause of your struggles!

Let’s work side by side to reveal the strongest, most confident version of yourself.

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As a nutritionist, we work together to do the groundwork to find the root cause of your health issues. The solution to your health should be a dedication to long-lasting support and results that you're completely satisfied with.

I'm not done working until you couldn't imagine feeling any better! I'm so passionate about nutrition because after spending years struggling with my own health, it was real food and supporting my body's natural ability to heal that led me to find true health.


This is not a diet, nor is it an approach that includes restriction, counting, or cutting of food groups.

​You'll never feel as though you're left to navigate your health on your own. There is no flipping of your life on its head, or turning your life into something you no longer recognize.

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Personalized protocol(s) based on your struggles and needs

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Personalized meal plans for the duration of our time together

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Access to a private platform

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Unlimited communication

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Intake forms

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1-hour live video chat

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Follow up calls


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Feeling confident in your body and your health isn't just about the glowing skin and healthy hair that comes with it.

It’s all about the true confidence that accompanies genuinely understanding your body and what it needs from you in order to thrive in a way that you never knew it could


“Mikayla made is so easy with easy and manageable steps so that I wasn't overwhelmed by all the change.”

After stopping birth control I tried so many different ways to cure my hormonal acne. From internet fads, creams, antibiotics, facials, naturopaths, and something helped for a bit or temporarily but nothing helped fully eliminate my acne. After a year of feeling helpless and insecure, I decided the only thing left to try was what I considered the 'hard route' or changing what I eat. Mikayla not only fixed my diet but changed my vitamin protocol, skincare, and self-care routine. It was a complete lifestyle change but it felt like it happened so naturally.


*later update: About a month and a half ago I stopped taking my spironolactone for my acne and was SO nervous that my skin was going to go back to how it was before and it hasn't at all if anything I think it's still continuing to get even better, so thank you so much for all your help!

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You deserve to feel as incredible as you're meant to!

You are so worth the work we put in to get you there. Book a free call and let's chat about our options.